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Daily Mile Tracks for Schools

All-weather Daily Mile Tracks for Schools are designed to provide a fun way to get pupils outdoors and active

Our popular Daily Mile Tracks for schools have helped school children across the UK to improve their fitness levels a little each day while enjoying the fresh air and social time with their classmates.

We know that increasing the amount of physical education for pupils can prove to be a challenge for schools, but with a dedicated all-weather Daily Mile Track, children are more likely to engage with the activity – and improve their concentration levels when back inside the classroom.

Daily Mile Track Surfaces

Our Daily Mile Tracks for schools, are compliant with Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) regulations. They feature a 50mm polyurethane-bound rubber granule, providing a cushioned surface that absorbs impact, reducing the risk of injuries to pupils.

The high-quality materials we specify are not only durable but also easy to maintain, and are designed to withstand daily use by the whole school.

Choose from our range of surfaces, including standard black or coloured rubber options and an artificial grass alternative.

Each surface is expertly installed on a compacted stone sub-base, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding terrain. We’ve also incorporated crossing points to allow for ground maintenance vehicles to cross without any damage to the track surface.

Our surfaces are non-slip and porous, ensuring safety even during wet conditions.

At Edspace, our design team creates a route plan that complements your unique setting and field-based activities. We can seamlessly incorporate existing footpaths and playgrounds into the track layout to increase distance without adding extra installation costs.

Our route lengths are calculated to ensure that a specific number of laps equals the target distance of 1 mile.

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Remote Survey

At Edspace, we use satellite technology to plan an optimal route, taking into account available space, other field based activities and any unique requirements you may have. Following our comprehensive assessment, we will submit a suggested route plan and a transparent, fixed-price installation quote. We take pride in our competitive pricing, ensuring that the price we quote is the price you’ll pay.

Sprint Straights for Schools

Incorporating a multi-lane sprint straight into a Daily Mile track route adds an additional facility to the school sports field. Sprint straights can be installed using a multi colour finish, often matching house colours, and provide a useful addition to a schools sports facilities. The coloured lanes can make the activity more visually appealing and exciting for children. It adds an element of fun and variety to the daily mile routine, making it more enjoyable for children to participate. Multiple lanes allow for friendly competition. Children can challenge themselves to improve their sprinting speed and compete with their peers, fostering a sense of motivation and achievement. Incorporating a multi-lane coloured sprint straight into a primary school's daily mile track promotes physical fitness, social interaction, skill development, and overall well-being among pupils. It adds excitement and variety as well as instilling healthy habits from a young age.

Unlock the Benefits of Our Daily Mile Tracks for Schools

The Daily Mile Initiative, promoting a daily run, jog, or walk of a mile, is making a significant impact on children’s fitness, behaviour, and concentration in UK schools. Discover why our Daily Mile Tracks for schools are a popular choice for getting students away from their desks and excited about spending time outdoors.


Inclusive Fun for All Ages and Abilities

Children are encouraged to jog for the full 15 minutes, but they can complete it at their own pace giving them ample time to catch their breath, without the need to change into PE kits, emphasizing its non-competitive nature. The Daily Mile Track for schools is also a great way to allow school children to get some fresh air and away from their desks.

Daily Mile Tracks for all ages | Daily Mile Tracks for fresh air | Daily Mile Tracks for Schools

Enhanced Physical Health

There’s nothing quite like the fresh air! Completing the Daily Mile during the school day results in improved physical fitness among children, setting the foundation for an active lifestyle in the future.

Regular running is good for a child’s physical development, and it actually helps improve bone density and muscle tone.  The daily mile tracks for schools only need last for around 15 minutes which is not an excessive amount of time for a child to be active, regardless of their physical ability.

Daily Mile Tracks for Health | Daily Mile Tracks for Physical Fitness | Daily Mile Tracks for Schools

Improved Well-Being

Regular exercise has a positive impact on mood and mental well-being. After the Daily Mile, students return to the classroom with renewed energy and a better ability to focus on their lessons.

Daily Mile Tracks for mental well-being | Daily Mile Tracks for energy | Daily Mile Tracks for Schools

Confidence Building

Crossing the finish line during the Daily Mile cultivated a sense of achievement, building children’s confidence, determination, and resilience – qualities that benefit them throughout their lives.

Daily Mile Tracks for boosting confidence | Daily Mile Tracks for building childrens resilience | Daily Mile Tracks for Schools

Supporting School Health Initiatives

Incorporating daily exercise into the school day aligns with educational establishments’ commitment to health and well-being. Teachers can join in and engage with their students without the need for additional training.

Daily Mile Tracks for Health | Daily Mile Tracks for well-being | Daily Mile Tracks for Schools

Parental Approval

Parents of children who regularly participate in the Daily Mile often express enthusiasm for the initiative, recognising its simplicity and the positive impact it has on their children’s lives.

Daily Mile Tracks for Enthusiasm | Daily Mile Tracks for Children | Daily Mile Tracks for Schools