At Edspace we specialise in crafting bespoke Outdoor Classrooms, All-Weather Canopies, and a wide array of outdoor products, including Daily Mile Tracks and MUGAs. Uniquely designed for schools across the UK.

Our Values

Our designs aim to foster an engaging and stimulating outdoor play, learning, and active environment, carefully considering the unique features of your school grounds and your specific requirements. We are dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions that align with the design brief while utilising responsibly sourced materials.


We have a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, exemplified by our conscientious timber sourcing practices and our dedication to sustainable business operations.

All of the timber used in our products is responsibly sourced from suppliers who prioritise the sustainable management of forests, ensuring that all our timber products meet the rigorous Forest Stewardships Council standards.

Our Products

We design, manufacture, and install a wide range of play equipment and all-weather outdoor structures, we provide various options for shade & shelter, all-weather canopies, and sunblock sail shades along with a full range of all-weather play surfaces and Daily Mile tracks.


We always aim to deliver a scheme that exceeds your expectations and  it’s vital that we fully understand  of your requirements. We provide a complimentary survey and design service. Our experienced project surveyor will personally visit your site, offer valuable advice and recommendations, and perform a comprehensive site survey. At this stage, we ensure that we gather all the necessary information to transform your vision into a reality.


We understand that one size, does not fit all. Our commitment to delivering tailored solutions is backed by our extensive experience in installing sports, play, and outdoor learning products for schools and nurseries across the nation. Our designs are geared towards creating an engaging outdoor play and learning environment that carefully considers the unique features of your school's grounds.


Our installations are exclusively completed by our in-house teams, all of whom are DBS checked. Given our exclusive focus on schools and nurseries, our installers possess a deep understanding of the specific requirements and protocols necessary for working within an educational environment. We recognise the importance of minimising disruption to the school day during term-time installations. To achieve this, we maintain open communications with the school, keeping them informed of all scheduled deliveries which are carefully co-ordinated to ensure no adverse impact on the school’s operations.


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Outdoor Classrooms, Shelters, Play Area Surfacing, Active Areas and Daily Mile Tracks

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