Trim Trails & Climbers

 Our trim trails are designed to engage young minds and bodies, constructed in play grade round timber. The trails feature a series of imaginative obstacles and challenges, perfect for promoting physical activity, coordination, and teamwork among pupils. Each station along the trail presents a unique opportunity for children to develop their motor skills, build strength, and foster a sense of adventure. Whether they're navigating the cargo net, conquering the balance beams, or traversing across swinging logs, the trim trail course provides endless opportunities for children to challenge themselves through active play. 

Edspace Active Play

Each Active Trail offers limitless creative possibilities for optimising your school playground space. It features a diverse range of elements, including rope bridges, ladder bars, and climbing nets.


Timber Active Trail Playground Equipment

The components of our Active Trails are meticulously crafted from pressure-treated, play-grade, machined round timber. Our commitment to durability is evident in the foundations, which are situated below ground level and encased in concrete and further shielded by a robust bitumen sleeve to prevent degradation of the timber. We use galvanised or stainless steel fixings to connect the timbers, and our 16mm ropes feature a steel wire core for enhanced durability and pupil safety. The timber is sourced from premium-grade, sustainable materials, and our support posts carry a 15-year warranty against rot and infestation, ensuring the longevity of your Active Trail.


Choose from over 38 Acitve Trail Components

Our extensive range includes 38 individual components that constitute our Active Trail collection. You have the flexibility to choose as many or as few as space allows. Whether it’s wobbly log bridges to boost balance or climbing walls to develop upper body strength, we offer options suitable for various spaces and budgets. Notable, our popular net climbers are available in a range of sizes.


Active Play Products

Trim Trails

A timber trim trail provides opportunities for children to engage in physical activity, promoting overall health and fitness. The different components of the trail, such as balance beams, step stilt, traversing challenges, and climbing walls, encourage children to move their bodies in different ways, enhancing their motor skills, strength, coordination, and balance. A traditional trim trail provides numerous play values that contribute to children's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development, making it a valuable addition to the school playground.


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Modular Tower Units

The Edspace modular timber play tower system provides numerous benefits for children's development, offering opportunities for physical activity, social interaction, creative play, and skill development in a fun and engaging environment. The towers are available in a range of platform heights to suit all age groups and can be connected with a range of bridges, tunnels and nets. Edspace provide a design & layout plan to suit the space, age range and budget available.


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The Benefits of our Active Trails

Active Trails offer a myriad of advantages for both schools and students. Discover some of our favourite benefits below.

Enhancing Fitness and Well-being

Providing outdoor play equipment at your school plays a pivotal role in fostering children’s fitness and overall well-being. Numerous studies have highlighted the transformative impact of active play on a child’s long-term interest in physical education, a passion that often endures into adulthood.

Heightened Concentration

Regular physical exercise through play equips students with the vitality needed to re-enter the classroom after breaks, enhancing their ability to concentrate during more traditional lessons.

Boosting Confident and Resilience

Each completion of an Active Trail course marks a significant achievement for children, contributing to the development of their confidence, determination, and resilience. These attributes are valuable assets that will serve them well throughout every phase of their lives.

Fun and Engaging

By integrating physically challenging equipment into your school’s playground, you’re not only promoting health and well-being but also making it an enjoyable and engaging experience. 

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