Edspace Edpods – Innovative Enclosed Outdoor Classrooms for Optimal Learning

Discover Edpods: Tailored for Educational Excellence

Edpods represent a new approach to additional classroom & activity spce, providing a comfortable, practical, and inspiring environment for students. In contrast to the modular classrooms. Edpods redefine the learning experience by bidding farewell to monotony and ushering in a modern immersive educational space.

Versatile Edpods: Your Comprehensive Solution

Edpods are highly insulated, fully enclosed classrooms that seamlessly incorporate the features of traditional classrooms into a single adaptable space. These timber-framed and glazed structures offer protection against the elements, making them ideal for integrating technology and interactive whiteboards.


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Exceptional Insulation, Sustainability, and Practicality

Edpods are built to the highest standards, boasting exceptional insulation and constructed using pressure-treated timber compliant with FSC standards. They offer a variety of external cladding, roofing, and internal finishes. Standard amenities include power access, efficient heating, and durable, user-friendly laminate flooring.

Comprehensive Support, Hassle-Free Solutions

From design to installation, we manage every aspect of your Edpod project, adhering to permitted development guidelines. Our school pod rooms typically don’t require planning permission, easing the administrative burden and lead time. Our team of DBS-check Edpod installers will handle groundwork and foundations, ensuring your new learning environment aligns with all building regulations and safety standards.

Discover the Diverse Applications of Our Edpod Classrooms

Our Edpod classrooms offer an array of innovative solutions for schools, catering to students of all ages. Explore how these versatile spaces can transform your school environment.

Library & Reading Room

Every child should have the opportunity to experience the joy of reading, but not all schools have the space for a traditional library. Edpods make it possible to create a dedicated reading room with shelves brimming with captivating books, offering students a haven for literary exploration.

Sensory Room

Edpod's configured to provide a sensory room in a school setting can include features that promote a calming, stimulating, and safe environment for children with sensory processing needs. Edpods maximize natural light through large windows and fully opening Bi-fold doors to create a bright and airy atmosphere along with access to outdoor spaces or playgrounds for additional sensory experiences.. Internal finishes using calming colors such as blues, greens, and soft neutrals create a soothing environment. By incorporating these design features, you can create an Edpod sensory room that provides a safe, comfortable, and stimulating environment for children in a primary school setting.



Traditional Classrooms

Edpods offer a versatile solution as everyday classrooms. As schools grapple with increasing student numbers and limited budgets, traditional extensions can be cost-prohibitive. Edpods optimise existing school space, providing a practical, budget-friendly remedy to address classroom overcrowding.

The Benefits of our Edpod Rooms for Schools

Here are some of the many ways in which your school can utilise our versatile Edpod classrooms for students of all ages:

Library and reading room

The chance to enjoy reading should be something every child has. But not all schools have the necessary space to house a library. With an Edpod, you can create a reading room with shelves of wonderful books ready to be devoured by students.

Revision room for exams

Older students need somewhere quiet and calm to revise for important exams. Our fully enclosed Edpods provide students with a place to study, away from the hustle and bustle of the main school area, to help them better prepare for important exams.

Sensory room

Pre-school and KS1 children will benefit from a sensory Edpod space, filled with equipment that can improve their visual, auditory, and fine motor skills. With a fully glazed wall that brings the outdoors right into the classroom, children can develop a lifelong love of nature as they explore their inspiring surroundings.

Computer suite

With power included as standard, an Edpod makes a fantastic computer suite. Technology is changing how we live and learn – and a purpose-built computer suite can help pupils develop their knowledge in schools where traditional classroom space is at a premium.

Traditional classroom

One of the most popular uses of our Edpods is as a simple, everyday classroom. Schools are housing increasing numbers of pupils, but do not always have the space and budget to implement a costly extension to their existing building. An Edpod can utilise existing space in the school setting and provide a practical and cost-effective solution to overcrowded classrooms.

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