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Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing for Schools

Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing for Schools

Edspace’s wet-pour rubber play surface for schools and playgrounds, is the favoured choice in educational institutions throughout the UK. While a single black surface stands as the most cost-effective option, the incorporation of vibrant colours transforms it into a unique surface that excels in shock absorption, creating a safer playground environment for children.

Schools and nurseries have turned to Edspace for its commitment to delivering bright, colourful, and secure play environments. Our versatile surface can be installed in an array of colours, designs, or themes. It can be configured as a single layer for a straightforward run-around area or adapted to varying depths to meet the fall height requirements of specific play equipment or climbing walls, effectively cushioning falls from heights and minimising injury risks.

Edspace offer a range of surface depths and provides expert guidance to determine the appropriate depth, ensuring compliance with the BSEN 1177 standard, which governs the necessary impact-absorbing surfacing depth for various play equipment heights. Invest in wet pour rubber from Edspace, where safety, play, and compliance harmoniously come together, creating an ideal playground experience, come rain or shine.

The Benefits of Wet Pour Rubber Surface: The Perfect Playground Surface for Outdoor Fun

If you require a secure and robust playground surface to enhance your outdoor area, wet pour rubber surfacing could be the answer. This versatile surface offers slip-resistance and fall height protection, creating the perfect setting for children’s outdoor play.

Endless Colour & Design Possibilities

Wet-pour surfacing is incredibly adaptable, allowing for customised designs and themes through a wide array of available colours. Whether it’s a whimsical shape or interactive games graphics like hopscotch or a number ladder set against a black surface, introducing colour to the standard black surface amplifies the play value of this secure surface.

For more intricate designs, you can select from a range of colours and shapes to craft road or track layouts or use blocks of colour to zone the play area. The introduction of vibrant colours not only enhances the experience of active play but also provides a stimulating environment to develop fine motor skills and coordination.

Safety Benefits

Wet-pour rubber surfacing comes equipped with several safety features, making it a prime choice for schools and nurseries:

  • Shock Absorption: The flexibility of the wet pour surface allows for tailored installation depths to match the fall height of the adjacent play equipment. The wearing course, the top layer, maintains a minimum depth of 15mm, and when play equipment is present, an additional shock pad base layer is added. The depth of the base layer is precisely calculated, ensuring the right level of impact-absorbing protection.
  • Slip-Resistance: Wet-pour rubber surfacing boasts outstanding slip resistance, providing a stable and secure surface for children, even in wet conditions.
  • Seamless Surface: Whether installed over existing tarmac or concrete surfaces or on a newly compacted stone sub-base, wet pour creates a seamless and uniform finish, erasing trip hazards and ensuring a safe play environment.

Environmental Friendliness

Wet-pour rubber surfacing offers numerous environmental benefits, cementing its position as a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for school playgrounds and play areas:

  • Recycled Materials: The base layer of our wet-pour surfaces incorporates recycled SBR rubber granulate derived from used truck tyres, reducing waste in landfills and reducing its environmental impact.
  • Low-Maintenance: The inherent low-maintenance nature of wet-pour rubber surfacing minimises the need for frequent cleaning and chemical treatment, also lowering its environmental impact.
  • Non-toxic: Wet-pour rubber surfacing is non-toxic, emitting no harmful chemicals into the environment, further solidifying its status as a safe and sustainable option for schools.

Elevate your outdoor playground experience with wet pour rubber surfacing, a choice that champions safety, creativity, sustainability and added play value, all rolled into one.