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Artificial Grass for Schools

Artificial grass is a good choice for a year-round play or run-around surface, catering to the needs of schools and nurseries alike. Its remarkable resilience and durability make it the go-to solution for a wide range of activities. Ideal for spaces where maintaining natural grass proves challenging, artificial grass eliminates the obstacles associated with outdoor play in unfavourable weather conditions. Discover the versatility and dependability of artificial grass for your outdoor play area.

Artificial grass has improved massively over the years. Modern artificial grass looks pretty authentic and  provides a non-abrasive, soft and cushioned surface. The Edspace artificial grass, when combined with a shockpad installed under the grass provides fall height protection to suit playground equipment with a height up to 3m. 

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Schools

Artificial grass is a versatile and practical choice for various outdoor spaces, especially in educational settings and provides a range of benefits. Overall, artificial grass enhances outdoor environments, promotes safety, and offers a durable solution for educational institutions. Parents and teachers alike appreciate its practicality and aesthetic appeal!

Outdoor Learning Spaces

Schools can utilize artificial grass for outdoor lessons. Its clean, quick-drying surface allows pupils to engage in activities without worrying about mud or wet shoes.

Low Maintenance

Artificial Grass requires minimal upkeep compared to natural grass. Schools and nurseries can save time and resources on mowing, watering. 

For nursery schools, the soft texture of artificial grass provides a comfortable surface for crawling toddlers. It closely resembles real turf, ensuring a pleasant experience.

Hard-Wearing Surface

Artificial grass can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for playgrounds and areas where children play. It won’t wear down or become patchy like natural grass. 

Shady Areas and High Traffic Paths

Artificial grass can thrive in areas where natural grass struggles, such as shady spots or high-traffic paths. It remains green and lush without sunlight.

Custom Shapes and Patterns

Edspace’s ability to cut artificial grass into intricate shapes allows for creative designs. Patterns and coloured grass graphics which will enhance the visual appeal and play value of play areas. 

Certified Safety

When used under play equipment, artificial grass from Edspace meets safety standards. It’s certified for a critical fall height of up to 3 meters, reducing the risk of injuries.

Shock pads are a critical element in ensuring safety for children whilst using fixed play equipment in school play areas and are installed under the artificial grass surface and provide numerous benefits.

1. Enhanced Safety:

  • Shock pads absorb the impact of falls, significantly reducing the risk of injuries. This feature is especially crucial in areas with playground equipment, where children may fall from heights.
  • By acting as a buffer, shock pads create a safer environment for play.

2. Critical Fall Height (CFH) Compliance:

  • CFH refers to the maximum height from which a fall will not result in a serious head injury.
  • Shock pads help ensure that the play surface meets CFH requirements. When installed beneath artificial grass, they provide an additional layer of protection, minimizing the risk of serious harm.

3. Improved Comfort:

  • Children benefit from the softer surface created by shock pads. The added cushioning makes play areas more enjoyable.
  • Additionally, the reduced stress on joints promotes better physical well-being for young users.

4. Durability and Longevity:

  • Shock pads contribute to the overall durability of artificial grass installations.
  • By providing a stable and cushioned base, they enhance the longevity of the play area.
  • Lower maintenance costs and a longer-lasting surface are additional advantages. At Edpace, safety remains our top priority, and our Artificial grass combined with a shockpad, ensure the highest level of protection for children whilst using play equipment in school playgrounds