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Discover Our Versatile Outdoor Classrooms and Playground Shelters for All-Weather Learning

Our selection of Outdoor Classrooms and Playground Shelters offers a versatile solution regardless of the weather conditions. These timber structures create dynamic and engaging educational environments, provide a quiet area during break times, and even serve as a covered parent waiting area, making school life more convenient and enjoyable.

At Edspace, we understand that each school has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customisable construction and layout options for our classrooms and shelters. You have the flexibility to configure these spaces to match your school’s specific needs. Our range of options includes entrance planters, drop-down canvas panels, and solid elevations, which can feature chalkboards or whiteboards in place of the standard palisade enclosure. This level of customisation ensures that your outdoor space is not only functional but also a perfect fit for your school’s aesthetic and educational goals.

Functional & Durable Outdoor Classrooms

We take pride in offering Outdoor Classrooms that are not only functional but also exceptionally durable. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in every aspect of our construction process. Each Outdoor Classroom is meticulously crafted using responsibly sourced, pressure-treated play-grade timber that adheres to FSC standards, ensuring the utmost environmental responsibility.

Key Features of our Outdoor Classrooms:

  • Quality Materials:  Our standard classrooms feature timber decked floors with integral access ramps, perimeter bench seating, palisade enclosures, and solid timber roofs as standard
  • Versatile Sizing:  We understand that space varies, we provide options ranging from rectangular classrooms (3m x 2m to 8m x 4m) to hexagonal versions (4m to 6m in diameter) to suit your specific needs.
  • Bespoke Solutions:  Sometimes, an ‘off-the-shelf’ option doesn’t quite match your vision. That’s why we offer a fully customisable design and installation service to bring your unique ideas to life.
  • Endless Customisation:  Elevate your outdoor structure further with integrated bench seating around the external perimeter, a solid full or half-height enclosure, and fixed activity tables. Your Outdoor Classroom, your way.
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Unlock the Benefits of an Outdoor Learning Space for Your School

Your school’s potential for new learning opportunities is closely tied to its existing environment. Make the most of your available space by embracing the concept of an Outdoor Learning Area. Across the United Kingdom, schools are increasingly expanding beyond traditional classroom settings, integrating outdoor learning seamlessly into their daily curriculum.

Let Us Design Your Perfect Outdoor Classroom

Leave the planning and design in the capable hands of our expert team, well-versed in classroom design and installation. We’ve already provided our expertise to countless schools and nurseries across the nation, providing inspiration for their Outdoor Classroom.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive Site Survey:  We meticulously assess your site, taking into account every detail to ensure your Outdoor Classroom perfectly fits your space.
  • Full Scheme Drawings and Visuals:  Our team translates your vision into detailed schematics and visuals, allowing you to see your dream Outdoor learning space come to life.
  • Transparent Costing:  We provide you with a fully itemised quotation, so you can understand both the design and financial aspects, ensuring your Outdoor Classroom meets your expectations and budget.

Outdoor Classrooms Designed for You

Our extensive selection of standard outdoor classrooms is fully customisable, ensuring that each one perfectly aligns with your school’s unique needs. By incorporating various enclosure panels, roof finishes, and flexible internal layouts, we create Outdoor Classrooms that are tailored to your specifications. Crafted from pressure-treated play-grade timber, these structures are both eco-friendly and versatile, making them the ideal choice for enhancing your outdoor learning and recreational space.

Our classrooms are constructed using responsible sourced pressure treated timber and include perimeter bench seating, palisade enclosure, timber decked floor with an integral access ramp and solid timber roof as standard.

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Shape & Size Options

Hexagonal Outdoor Classrooms

Our Standard Hexagonal Outdoor Classrooms are Available in three sizes , 4m, 6m & 6m this allows you to match the class size and space available to a standard structure. All our classrooms are constructed in play grade pressure treated timber and require little ongoing maintenance. Our standard specification includes a timber decked floor with integral access ramp, perimeter bench seating and palisade enclosure panels with timber boarded roof structure over a waterproof membrane. The main and intermediate supports are set in a concrete foundation below ground level and are encased in a bitumen sleeve.


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