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School Canopies & Shades

All-weather Freeflow canopies & Shades for schools

Edspace offers a selection of school canopies, designed to meet the needs of schools and nurseries nationwide. Encouraging outdoor activities plays a pivotal role in enhancing the physical and mental well-being of children. Ofsted strongly advocate the integration of outdoor learning within the education sector, particularly during the early years, Key Stage 1 and 2.

The unpredictable British weather often poses challenges, limiting outdoor activities due to rain, excessive heat, and harmful UV rays. At Edspace, we provide practical solutions to ensure that students can enjoy outdoor learning and play, regardless of the weather conditions.

Choose Your Canopy, Sail Shade or Shelter

Edspace caters to all budgets and requirements with our selection of canopies and eye-catching sunblock sail shades for your school playground.

Our timber-framed canopies are constructed using pressure treated play grade timber, featuring shatterproof roofs for maximum durability. The polycarbonate roof design allows abundant natural light to filter through. These sturdy canopies for schools, can be seamlessly attached to an existing building or erected as a stand alone independent structure.

For those seeking an alternative, we offer an alloy-framed version of our canopies, complete with fixed guttering. We also provide a range of customisable options, including enclosures, seating arrangements, storage solutions and rainwater harvesting systems.

Our sunblock sail shades for school playgrounds, renowned for their vibrant aesthetics, are popular installations in nurseries and primary schools. Available in various shapes and sizes to suit your space or school playground, these tensioned shades are hung using stainless-steel connectors and corrosion-resistant tensioning systems. They can be attached to an existing wall or supported by timber or steel posts.


School Canopy Options

We're here to make the addition of a Freeflow canopy or playground shelter easy and hassle-free.

To ensure your canopy meets your unique requirements we offer a free consultation, followed by a professional design, manufacturing and installation service to ensure your shelter is built to last.

Sunblock Sail Shades

Sail shades play a crucial role in creating cool, safe, and inviting outdoor environments in primary schools, promoting outdoor learning, physical activity, and well-being among pupils and staff.
Sail shades can enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces, adding visual interest and architectural flair to the school setting. They are available in a range of colours and styles, allowing schools to choose options that complement their existing architecture and landscaping.

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The Benefits of our Canopies for Schools

Our Freeflow canopies and outdoor covered shelters offer the perfect solution for educational institutions seeking year-round outdoor recreational spaces. Discover the benefits of our versatile school canopies, designed to promote outdoor play, learning, and overall development.


Rain and UV Protection

Our school canopies provide a secure learning environment, shielding nurseries and pre-schools from rain and harmful UV rays. These canopies create an inviting space for children to enjoy lessons or story time during sunny days, ensuring their safety under sail shades. Even in inclement weather, the polycarbonate roofs of our shelters keep students dry while they continue their learning journey.

Canopies for Schools - All Weather Protection | Canopies for Schools

Messy Play in the Great Outdoors

Transform messy play into a delightful outdoor experience with our covered learning environments. Children can explore their creativity in mud kitchens, tend to vegetable patches, and engage in water-play and painting, all while remaining sheltered from the elements.

Convenience for Parents

Make school pick up a hassle-free experience, even in the rain. Our covered areas provide a welcoming respite for parents waiting in the playground, ensuring their comfort and appreciation for your school or nursery.

Additional Storage Solutions

As class sizes grow, finding adequate storage space in traditional classrooms becomes a challenge. Our wall-mounted school playground shelters offer various storage options, allowing teachers to efficiently store PE apparatus, messy play essentials like wellington boots, and outdoor equipment.

Canopies for School Storage | Canopies for Schools

Additional dining space

With space at a premium, a covered outdoor area can also be used as a dining hall. We can include seating and storage too – so children can eat in comfort and have a place to store their lunchboxes during school time.

Canopies for School Dining Areas | Canopies and Shade Shelters for Schools

Secondary school breakout areas

Older children can also benefit from a covered shelter as a social meeting place to gather outdoors at break times or as a quiet area to work outside independently or in groups.

Canopies for School Breakout Areas | Canopies for Schools