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Choosing the Right Playground Surface for Your School

If you are designing or renovating a playground, choosing the right surface is an important decision that can affect the style, functionality and most importantly, the safety of the play area. At Edspace, we offer high-quality playground surfacing options which include wet pour rubber, artificial grass and forest floor bound rubber mulch. In this post, we'll explore these different types of surfacing and consider their advantages and key features.


Why Do You Need Good Quality Playground Surfacing?

Proper playground surfacing helps absorb the impact of falls and reduces the risk of serious injuries to children. It can also create an accessible, level surface that allows children of all abilities to safely enter and use the playground. High-quality playground surfacing is designed to withstand heavy use and weather conditions over time and this ensures the surface remains safe and functional for years. It can also contribute to the overall look and feel of a play area and surfaces such as rubber or artificial grass can create a more inviting, natural-looking play environment.

Wet Pour Rubber for School Playgrounds

Wet pour rubber playground flooring provides a Porous, shock-absorbent surface that helps cushion falls and protects children from serious injuries. The rubber's pliable composition and minimum wearing course of 15 mm over a base layer shockpad of various depths depending on the height of the play equipment it surrounds absorbs the force of falls far more effectively than hard surfaces like concrete. Wet pour rubber can also be installed with inlaid graphics in a variety of different colours and patterns, such as hopscotch, number puzzles, roads and mazes which adds play value and excitement to your outdoor play areas.

As the material is highly durable, it is also resistant to fading and wear-and-tear from heavy usage, and it maintains its safety performance and bright colours for many years with minimal maintenance. Furthermore, wet pour rubber is our most environmentally friendly flooring choice as the shock pad is produced from recycled truck tyres and it does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment.

Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing for Schools

Artificial Grass for School Playgrounds

Artificial grass is a high performance and low maintenance playground surface which can replicate the natural look of grass. The quality and look of artificial grass has greatly improved over the last few years, and it now provides a soft, non abrasive surface with a cushioned underlay that provides excellent shock absorption. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is also resistant to wear and tear, weather and heavy foot traffic so it maintains its neat appearance and safety performance year- round. It also requires minimal upkeep compared to natural grass, so there's no need for mowing or watering.

Artifical Grass for Schools

Forest Floor Bound Rubber Mulch for School Playgrounds

This cost effective playground surface is produced from polyurethane bound rubber mulch, and it can be easily installed around any existing play equipment. The rubber mulch provides excellent shock absorption which helps to protect children from serious injuries in the event of falls. Unlike loose rubber mulch, the bound version provides a stable, wheelchair-friendly surface which creates an inclusive access for all children to play. The bound rubber mulch is also porous and allows water todrain effectively through the surface to the sub-base, preventing pooling andmaintaining a safe, slip- resistant play area.

Forest Floor Bound Rubber Mulch for Schools